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3 Ring Thing: get SET. get SELFIE. get a GRIP. and GO!

3 Ring Thing: get SET. get SELFIE. get a GRIP. and GO!

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"3 Ring Thing" is tons of fun and functions. It's magic! And it fits all phones! 

BONUS: Most phones. you can even put 2 on one phone 1- horizontally and 1- vertically , for however you grip your phone to take selfies or want to carry your phone along!

DRIVE with it on the back of your hand (for less distracted driving-fidgeting and looking for your phone). GREAT for drivers and gig economy drivers!

GRIP your phone securely for long armed selfies

PROP your phone up from sitting on dusty desks

TRI POD PROP for SELFIES lay the 3 Ring thing horizontal or vertical. Sit on a surface, floor or the ground outside. Snap! Flim your video or selfie shoot!

CARRY it around hands-free without cuffing it! 

Peel. Stick. Go.

Prepare yourself for a special kind of freedom from the one thing that stays joined at the hand and palm by us all!
  • secure 3-finger grip (vs. insecure index and middle finger grip provided by other pop socket/phone grips)

  • 3-finger ring provides front or back hand side phone gripping vs. front hand side only (that typical index/middle finger pop socket phone grips provide)
  • hands-free selfie-taking magic (while phone is still secure in hand)
  • front or back side wearable (not just between index and middle finger)  
  • vertical/horizontal placement!

    • griping/clutching/hands-free carrying while on the go!
    • the sturdiest, best phone grip on the market! 

    Front or backhand side, literally wear your phone without the nuisance of holding it, clutching it while on the go, or gripping it for a selfie!

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