Shipping / Returns / Exchange Policy


    For items marked and promoted as such, we offer free (domestic/standard) shipping.

    All other items marked where shipping is charged, the item(s) are promotional products by which we are offering such items for free and charging a mere $.99 for. However, the shipping charge is all you will pay. (That shipping charged depends on where, in the United States, we are shipping to you-to which you will find out that cost at checkout). 



    In advance, we feel confident that you will enjoy your unique, useful and unreasonably priced products purchased here.

    We also went above and beyond to provide visuals, videos and forthright content about each product-so as to "bring it to you" without even having purchased it yet.

    All that explained, our apologies in advance, but we do not accept exchanges and returns FOR PURCHASES UNDER THIRTY DOLLARS ($30.00).

    Reason being: Due to us all (still) being in the middle of a pandemic, we (ourselves) cannot resell (or even return) products that we (ourselves) have invented/got prototypes made for or purchased (wholesale) to sell to you (retail). 

    Just to reiterate, considering the reasonable prices we set for each item, we know that the cost for you to return the merchandise by mail is practically the cost of the merchandise itself.

    Inso far, we already have and wish to keep happy customers by having done all the necessary things - from the start - to ensure you will enjoy whatever you purchase here.

    Thank you!