3D VR Virtual Reality Immersive Environment Goggle how to, specs, condition and other essential FYI!


SPECS: Universal Soft, 'Cushiony' & Comfortable Lightweight

WEIGHT: 12.9oz


1) Straight from your Android or iPhone, simply Search "VR " or "Virtual Reality" on YouTube (or any virtual reality enabled video via Facebook Meta or any of your choosing).

2) While in the video's VR screen, simply place your cell phone in the immersive glasses holder, flip it up and be literally right there, experiencing it all!

EAR BUDS/PODS or JOYSTICK/REMOTE CONTROLย not included (and not needed-unless whatever VR video you are watching with the goggles requires it).

Our goggles will allow you to control most VR videos by your head 'remote controlling' what you watch with our goggles on your head. Needless to say, our goggles will give you an immersive/virtual experience of any VR video you are able to download on your phone. Just pop the phone in the goggle slot and immerse yourself!

GOGGLES' FOLD OUT PORTION (where your smart phone is inserted):

  • iPhone and Android compatible
  • All VR videos in Facebook Meta Metaverse Google Play and Apple Store plays from your smartphone in 3D by way of this VR headset!
  • Accommodates phone size max: 6.5 inches in height (vertical/longest/tallest) x. 25 inches wide (width/thickness of phone) x 3.5 inches in length (horizontal/shortest)


Immerse yourself into the world of up close and personal virtual reality into your favorite game, sports, exercise, nature scene, landscape, theme park, into the Facebook Metaverse and anywhere!ย  Be it via YouTube or wherever you choose, if you can pull it (your favorite VR site) up on your iPhone or Android, you can immerseย yourself into its real life!